In addition to cross-sectional study, the PARIPRE project design counts with intervention study as well (in Slovakia and Slovenia only). Intervention study can be used to study the effect of a particular risk factor on PARI and provides the strongest evidence for both causal nature of modifiable risk factor, as well as the effectiveness of modifying that factor on preventing injury factors (Bahr & Holme, 2003). Among the most efficient intervention strategies are neuromuscular training (NMT), rule modification, and equipment recommendations. Future research examining the maintenance of NMT programmes across real-world sport and school settings, optimization of adherence, additional benefit of workload modification, and evaluation of rule changes in sports is needed (Emery & Pasanen, 2019).

The intervention study design will be developed in cooperation of University of Presov, Science and reserach Centre Koper, Sports Union of Slovenia and Centre of Health Promotion Research. The study is planned to be realised in 2022.