Workshop Physical activity-related injuries prevention in adolescents – results of PARIPRE project

The second of two planned PARIPRE project’s workshops took place on September 6th, 2023, in Prešov, Slovakia, as a part of the International Scientific Conference Diagnostics in Sport 2023, organized by the Faculty of Sports, University of Prešov. The conference is focused on the presentation of research outcomes in the field of sports sciences. The workshop was streamed via MSTeams to allow online participation for those who were unable to join the workshop in person. The workshop was as well translated simultaneously to allow better understanding by participants.
The programme started with opening remarks from Peter Bakalár from Faculty of Sports, University of Prešov, organiser of the workshop. He presented the goal of the workshop, which was to bring attention of the workshop participants, that means the attention of all who can potentially help with the physical activity-related injuries prevention, to this important topic and discuss the possibilities of the prevention based on the information which was gathered within the project. He then created the context of his presentation and the presentations of his colleagues by shortly describing the PARIPRE project.
Then he continued with presentation “Detailed physical activity-related injuries epidemiological report from 5 European Union member states”. This was followed by the presentation of Boštjan Šimunič from Science and Research Centre Koper who reported on the outcomes of the intervention study in basketball in Slovenia. Then, Pavol Čech from Faculty of Sports, University of Prešov, presented results of the intervention study in football (soccer) in Slovakia. And the programme of the workshop was concluded by Mari Leppänen from UKK Institute who presented updated PARIPRE recommendations for the prevention of physical activity-related injuries in adolescents. All presentations were followed by the discussion part in which the presenters and participants actively discussed raised questions. Overall, 79 onsite + 7 online participants (students, trainers, teachers, athletes, professors) from 8 countries and 20 organisations including University of Prešov (Slovakia), Science and Research Centre Koper (Slovenia), UKK Institute (Finland), Sports Union Slovenia (Slovenia), Slovenian National Institute of Health (NIJZ) and many others were present onsite or online at the workshop.