The Institute for Kinesiology Research is one of the institutes at the Science and Research Centre in Koper. The institute consists of 14 researchers (kinesiologists, engineers, physical education teachers, physiologists, sociologists, physicians, biochemists) and has vast experience in researching physical activity, motor and cognitive abilities, and growth in children. It has conducted 3 large national projects, 1 international project on the cognitive and motor training in older adults to prevent cognitive decline, and  investigating altogether almost 1500 children (aged 1-16 years) with detailed tests to explore growing trends and different detrimental factors. The institute is coordinator of Horizon 2020 project on cognitive responses during physical exercise in different populations. The institute has also experience in coordination of  ERASMUS+ project called “Efficient recommended MVPA obtainment for school children and teenagers”. Currently, the institute is finishing project with cooperation with Slovenian Olympic Committee called “The development of sport injury model for effective prevention, diagnostics and rehabilitation”.