Sports Union of Slovenia (SUS) as the largest sports for all organization connects different sports organizations, associations, clubs and individuals working in the field of sports recreations and sport for all in Slovenia. It unites over 200 organisations and has over 60.000 members scattered all over Slovenia. Their common goal is to promote healthy lifestyle and active use of leisure time. The vision of the SUS is to be the leading sports organisation in the field of sports recreation and sport for all in Slovenia, which will seek to approximate recreational sports and physical education to every individual. The purpose of the SUS is to unite clubs that act in the field of sport, sports recreation and sport for all activities, encourage their advanced professional training, strive for the progress of professional work and introduce new methodologies. Until 2018, the SUS has been accredited by the Ministry of Education in Slovenia to deliver certified (and compulsory) non-formal training programmes in their fields of expertise. SUS offers additional education opportunities and trainings by organizing various seminars, conferences, forums and congresses on topics in the field of sport for all and healthy lifestyle. SUS is also striving for Slovenia, as a country, to become a major supporter of this field and make some legislation changes, which would facilitate the work of sport clubs and SUS itself. SUS belongs to the network of EFCS (European Federation for Company Sport), TAFISA (The Association For International Sport for All), ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association) and FARE (Football Against Racism Europe).

Among the regular activities of SUS are:

  • education and supplementary training and improvement of professional and organisational staff so that the programme offered and publishing for this purpose is constantly enriched,
  • organisation of national and international sports meetings, seminars, conferences, congresses and other forms of dealing with professional topics in the field of sport and recreation and physical education,
  • leading and coordinating various international and national programmes and initiatives
  • linking of sports clubs that deal with sport and recreation, physical education and other forms of sport,
  • cooperation with other sports organisations and professional institutions, cross-sector cooperation with interested partners on national and international level,
  • promotion of spatial planning and building of sports facilities and sports equipment of appropriate capacity and according to the most recent standards.