PARIPRE intervention study pre-intervention testing

Pre-intervention testing of almost 300 players of U13 and U15 categories was carried out in March 2022 by the testing team consisted of members of the Faculty of Sports at the University of Prešov, Department of Physiotherapy of the Faculty of Health Care at the University of Prešov and Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation of the Hospital AGEL Košice Šaca. The testing consisted of following tests:

  • Body height (SECA 213)
  • Body composition (InBody 230)
  • Tensiomyography (TMG S2)
  • Trail making tests TMT-A and TMT-B
  • Y-Balance test
  • The computerized Simple (sRT) and Choice reaction times (cRT) known as the Deary-Liewald task using the PsyToolkit platform
  • Corsi Block-Tapping task using the PsyToolkit platform